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molto SEO helps companies improve their Google ranking with AI-based SEO. If you want to accelerate your business online, we are the experts using proprietary technology and AI.

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Predictive Analytics

Make the most of your data with our predictive analytics tools. If you base your decisions on hard data, you can improve your SEO and see a rise in site visitors and revenue.

Keyword Research

Discover the best keywords for your industry with the help of our keyword research tools. Improve your position in search engines, attract more targeted visitors and increase your ROI with less work.

Voice Search

Optimise for voice searches to raise your company's visibility. Site traffic can be increased by optimisation for long-tail keywords in written content.

AI SEO Content

Quickly create high-quality, search engine optimised articles. With creative paraphrasing and human editing, your content will be optimised for higher rankings and more traffic.

how AI can affect your digital marketing campaigns


As the world becomes more digital, the way people search for information and products is constantly evolving. That's why we keep our client websites responsive to changes in how people search. People change in the way they search - they're asking natural questions too. The future of search is creating new opportunities for you to promote your business very effectively.

We are passionate about helping our clients succeed in the online world. By combining our knowledge and expertise with the latest technology, we can help you achieve your goals and grow your business.

how AI can affect your digital marketing campaigns

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- AI driven technical SEO services -

molto SEO has developed a 10 Point Process to stay focused only on the on‑page, off‑page and technical SEO services that really affect the majority of our keyword research. AI-based SEO can help you create better optimized content that your readers will love and engage with.

    Fact find about your business and competitors and your plans for the future.

    Analyze the client's competitors to identify strengths and weaknesses in their SEO strategies.

    Conduct regular testing to ensure site performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO. Identify quick wins and medium term goals for content and site performance.

    Conduct an audit to identify quick wins and medium-term goals for content and site performance. Present strategy and reports to the client in one easy-to-read tailored document.

    We prioritise fixing the most pressing technical issues including Google indexing, caching and page speed. All new sites are built to Accessibility standards and pass Lighthouse testing from the first commit to finish.

    All current requirements are baked into our site code.

    We use the AI powered SEMRush API, Google AI, and Ahrefs to conduct the majority of our keyword research, alongside Google AI suggestions and AHREFS. We conduct keyword research by casting a wide net over your competitors and see how they are being found by web users.

    Keywords are grouped by relevance and ease of success in ranking. These keywords and sub keywords are then used to create the site structure. This, as you can imagine, is a lot of data. Sorting is a huge task and in the hands of a human, messy and too time consuming.

    Using a combination of AI and data sorting scripting, we are able to sift out unrelated keywords. This allows us to focus on the keywords that have relatively high search volume but a low amount of competing web pages: quick wins. Currently, the common practice is to group together 5 keywords per page, with one main keyword forming the page title and main heading. Here, AI helps by finding ingenious ways of combining keywords into super keyword phrases.

    Create and edit AI content and/or provide keywords, site structure and template to client for content creation. Content generation - your website content is important for two reasons. The obvious reason is that you have to explain your services clearly and engagingly.

    AI can help cut down this time by half, clearly structuring your ideas so you don't have to spend ages planning. It is suggested that clients produce YouTube content if possible. We improve our clients' ROI by analysing website users, creating optimised pages. Optionally, we provide A/B testing to measure the real increase in sales.

    Develop a linking strategy based on desired sales conversion pages and make monthly recommendations for external links. Link weight is given to particular pages based on the client's desired sales conversion pages. We will make monthly recommendations for external links that will boost site visibility. We also offer an article placement service as well as approaching external sites for links.

    Link building from other websites back to your own helps search engines determine how authoritative your website is and can help improve its ranking. Link building should be done carefully and with strategic planning to ensure that the links are from reputable websites that are related to the topic of your website. Using keywords in anchor text further improves rankings.

    Reoptimise strategy in light of Google positions and conversion rates. We never cut corners. All issues are recorded and priority is placed on tasks that will have the most positive effect on sales and user experience. Update client on progress and make recommendations for the next phase via members dashboard.

    Monitor / add funnels to Google Analytics.

technical SEO consultants

Jamie Finlayson, Director

technical SEO consultants

Jamie leads development teams for the largest tech companies in the world. Here are some of the things his clients have said about him.

500+ Connections

technical SEO audit services

website SEO audit services

Technical issues may be preventing the website from performing optimally in search engine results pages (SERPs). Our website SEO audit services begin after an initial technical assessment of your website.

technical seo company

Keyword research

Keyword research plays a crucial role in developing a successful technical SEO agency strategy as it helps in identifying the most important keywords for your brand. By analyzing search patterns and user behavior, we can determine the specific keywords and phrases that your target audience is using to search for your products or services.

With rapid advancements in technology, AI-powered tools have revolutionized the keyword research process, allowing us to gather and analyze data at an unprecedented scale and speed.

By leveraging the power of AI, molto SEO audit London can identify and target highly relevant keywords that are more likely to drive traffic to your website and generate leads. This not only improves the efficiency and accuracy of the keyword research process, but also helps in achieving better results and maximizing the return on investment for your SEO efforts.

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technical seo audit services

Competitor & Technical Analysis

A thorough analysis of your competitors' keywords, content, and backlink profiles is key to staying ahead of the competition. Analyzing competitor keywords, content, and backlink profiles creates lots of high return marketing opportunities.

Technical analysis of your website's structure, code and page speed identifies any technical issues that may be impacting your search engine rankings.

By identifying and fixing these issues, you can improve the user experience and ensure that your website is optimized for search engines.

Both competitor and technical analysis are important components of SEO research, as they can help you identify areas for improvement and develop a targeted SEO strategy that will drive traffic and increase your online visibility.

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technical seo uk

Transparent Process

We provide our clients with a detailed SEO process that outlines the specific tasks and strategies we will use to improve their website's search engine rankings.

Our process includes:

  • SEO audit: Comprehensive audit of the client's website to identify any technical issues, on-page SEO issues, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Keyword research: Research and identify the most relevant and profitable keywords for the client's business and target audience.
  • On-page optimization: Optimize the client's website pages for their targeted keywords by improving the content, meta tags, and other on-page elements.
  • Off-page optimization: Build high-quality backlinks to the client's website to improve its authority and visibility in search engine results pages.
  • Reporting and tracking: Provide regular reports to the client to track the progress of our SEO efforts and make any necessary adjustments to our strategy.
  • molto SEO ensures that all clients have access to the analytics and the work that we have completed. You can see exactly what tasks have been completed and the results that have been achieved. We only take the final payment when the client is satisfied and can see proof of tasks completed.
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local seo services uk

local SEO services UK Clients

Local SEO & Design

Our local & Technical SEO, Social & PPC services target your exact demographic in the UK.

technical SEO experts

International SEO

Our technical SEO experts have developed multilingual software for the biggest tech companies in the USA. We apply the same methodologies to European site development.

multilingual SEO services

hotel SEO company

multilingual seo

hotel SEO company
international SEO agency

international SEO agency London

on-page seo, linking strategy

international SEO agency London

technical SEO specialists

Previous Clients

Jamie has lead teams and developed user interfaces for tech companies and agencies. molto SEO offers the same high level of quality in design and search  engine optimisation to local businesses.


technical SEO services

Our technical SEO services will get your business noticed online.

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Why choose molto SEOSEO as your technical SEO experts

Results Driven SEO

Browse our sites taking number 1 on Google for competitive keywords with traffic growing each month.

Browse Local SEO

Unique Skills

Our marketing, creative and technical skills help us maximise results, so you get the best ROI.

Proven SEO Process

Our results driven process gets world class SEO results. Our transparent process lets you know what we will be addressing and proof is provided on completion.

White Hat SEO

We comply with Google best practices to avoid penalties and maximise SEO efforts.

Regular Reporting

Tailored reports each month.

Members Dashboard

Our members dashboard puts all your data in one place so you can see your campaign progress and SEO results.

technical seo specialist

technical SEO specialist

Technical SEO involves optimising your website for mobile.

Our technical SEO specialists optimise your website for smaller screens and faster loading times. This involves compressing images and enabling browser caching. All websites are fully responsive on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

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Join our happy clients with our technical SEO services to grow your business.

technical SEO London

technical SEO London

We are a London SEO agency promoting professional websites.

Technical SEO, also referred to as on-page SEO, is an essential aspect of digital marketing, and a key component of any successful SEO campaign in London. molto Technical SEO London focuses on improving website performance, usability, and user experience by optimising HTML code, content, and structure to ensure that a website is properly indexed and ranked by search engines. It is a fairly complex process, but when executed precisely, it has a huge impact on organic search rankings. We cover all of the South East including London and Sussex.

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